Thursday, November 17, 2016

We Are Grateful For Your Kindness, Pam E.

Once in a while, there's something in our mailbox that takes us both by surprise. A random act of kindness extended. Someone paying it forward. Over the past few years, especially since launching Bodacious Biscuit Love over 3 years ago, we've gotten the occasional thank you card, photos of happy pups eating our biscuits, handwritten notes, and tokens of gratitude. A few days ago, on November 14th, a surprise was waiting for us in our mailbox.

This is the photo I posted on my Facebook wall along with this November Gratitude write up...

Day 14: I'm thankful for Pam E. Before I tell you WHY, I need to back up a bit and set the stage. I went to school with Pam. I haven't seen her since I was 16. I remember her as if it was yesterday.

This morning, less than a month shy of turning 43, I sat at my desk sipping coffee. I glanced at the dozens of Post-It Notes decorating my desk. My mile-long-to-do list. I spent over 10 hours baking biscuit love yesterday to distribute this week. There are a few last minute ornaments I need to personalize. 

I'm coordinating deliveries. I have blog posts to catch up on. Another chapter or two to write in my book. Meal prep for our 4 fur-kids and Lisa and I. We have to restock our Bodacious Biscuit Love bin. Yes, we've already gone through our first batch.

In addition, Oliver has his first doctor's visit tomorrow. I always dread those "first visits" because we discover the extent of (fill in the blank) and beyond "the tip of the iceberg." The full story usually unfolds in the weeks to follow. The smoke and mirrors "of what we were told" charade clears. The truth always surfaces in "that room." And, I'm a sap. I always break down in tears at the doctor's office. Because...well, I can't even imagine. And I get so angry. My faith in the human race deteriorates. WHYYY!

On a side note, the only exception to this is with our sweet Sophie. She was rescued by a phenomenal woman and got the best of care prior to us fostering and adopting her. Clean bill of health. With everything on my plate, sleep deprivation, the worry about tomorrow, lengthy to do lists, a Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin to restock, my hands shaking from too much caffeine so I can't personalize ornaments until on the overnight, writer's block, worry, etc., by mid-afternoon, I was feeling pretty shitty.

Right around this time, Lisa arrived home from work. She sat at the table to eat her lunch and opened the mail. I was holding Lobo. His head was snuggled against my face. 

Lisa asked, "Who is Pam?" My reply, "She ordered a couple of ornaments. I went to school with her." Lisa held up a large envelope. Opened it.

It was a card. Inside of the card was her payment for the 2 ornaments...AND THIS. Lisa unfolded the piece of paper, read the handwritten note, and showed me what was inside. Yep. Sappy me. Lobo's fur caught a few dozen of my tears.

Thank you, Pam. I needed this today. I am grateful. And, I'm taking you up on that. Hugs and love, beautiful lady. 

It just so happens that Lisa and I have declared this weekend as an US weekend. No plans. No where to go. We are putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the indoors. I'll be catching up on some work, blog, and writing stuff. Between the two of us, we'll bake biscuit love for the upcoming week.

Next weekend, we're doing outdoor decorations.

Our goal is to have all of the above done by 4. We're going to take Pam up on her offer and order some of our favorite takeout. We'll end the evening with family snuggle time on the sofa watching Netflix.

Thank you again, Pam.

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