Friday, October 28, 2016

Rescued Is Our Favorite Breed

Last week, we had a wonderful conversation with an acquaintance of ours about Bodacious Biscuit Love, our fur-kids, spreading biscuit love for the past 3 years, the time we've spent at shelters, fostering, changes we've made, etc. Towards the end, they asked, "After spending time with so many dogs, what is your favorite breed."

My answer was simple.


There was a brief moment of silence. I'm guessing our acquaintance expected an answer that veered more towards an actual dog breed. German shepherd. Black lab. Golden retriever. Etc.

They replied with a simple, "Ahhhh. I see."

I felt the need to elaborate a bit.

"All of our kids are rescues. Mixed breeds. The universe shifted and did a little shimmy shake. First, Coco. About 2 years later, Sophie joined our family. Less than a year after that, our family increased. once again, with Lobo. Each one was rescued from a nightmare. They chose us. They didn't care about what kind of car we drove, the size of our home, or how much money we had. On our end, we didn't ask what breed they were. We didn't care. It was meant to be all the way around."

We will ALWAYS be proud Dog Moms of shelter pups. Why breed or buy while shelter dogs die?

Rescued is our favorite breed.


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