Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Sent My Brain Into What-If Overdrive

The big story right now, aside from the political crap, is Hurricane Matthew. I've been keeping a close eye on this massive storm. Yesterday, shortly after I got up, I checked my trusty weather site and saw THIS. It took my breath away. I know things can change. Mother Nature is fickle. However, when I see a projected path that's going to hit us and dole out 90 mph winds, it catches my attention.

My brain immediately went into what-if overdrive. What if this doesn't change? What if we get 90 mph winds? What if we're without power for several days? The list goes on.

This would change my entire week. Lisa and I would have to shop for a few supplies on Thursday because there's no way you'd catch me near any type of store a day or two before THIS. I would then have to put aside an entire day to bake, prep extra meals for the kids, and make sure Lisa and I had simple meals to last a few days.

I've been through several hurricanes/tropical storms in my life along with a tornado and baseball sized hail. I know the damage a bad storm can do, especially a hurricane with 90 mph winds. Those wind speeds can snap trees, take down power lines, and knock out power for days.

Our kids would be terrified. This would top both Hurricane Irene and Sandy.

After seeing THIS projected path, I couldn't focus on much.

Earlier today today, that all changed. The projected path was much different than yesterday. We're not going to get a direct hit. At most, we'll get a little rain. That's it.

To say the very least, I'm relieved. 

I wish Mother Nature would peel this storm away from Florida and other areas in its path.

The wrath of any storm isn't a force to be reckoned with.

I can't imagine what the people south of us are going through. The panic. Having to evacuate. Anticipating major damage. Power outages. Losing homes. The devastation.

If you're in the path of Hurricane Matthew, take this storms seriously.

Stay safe.


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