Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We've Bid Farewell To Store Bought Ornaments For The Kids

Every year we purchase Christmas ornaments for the kids. The places where we purchase these ornaments have varied. One year we stumbled on a quaint little country store that offered Christmas ornaments. Another year we purchased the ornaments at a holiday kiosk at a nearby mall. The past couple of years, we picked through the meager selection at Michael's. Last year, the selection sucked. I remember telling Lisa, "This is the last year we're buying their ornaments. Starting next year, I'm making 'em."

Here it is. September. Even though Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, we still have 2 weeks left of the summer season. I shiver when the topic of Christmas comes up. It's too early. However, if I want to make ornaments and other holiday stuff, and maybe offer some of my handcrafted goods to the public, I need to start planning now.


For the ornaments, I'm leaning towards salt dough. Around 30 years ago, my Mom and Aunt made beautiful salt dough ornaments. The salt dough itself is very simple. What they did with the mini holiday dolls and holiday shaped ornaments made from this salt dough was incredible.

They painted them, added details, and all of the dolls held something whether it was mini bouquets of dried flowers or a handmade mini paper bag with salt dough loaves of bread. Once finished, every ornament got a generous coat of shiny glaze.

Both women were exceptionally talented and they sold out at most of the craft shows they attended.

I've made salt dough ornaments in the past and I love 'em. Once they're baked, painted and glazed, they're gorgeous. And, best of all, they're inexpensive and simple to make. A single batch makes quite a bit.

If you have a lot of dog parents in your life, you could make a batch or two of Our Bodacious Biscuit Love Peanut Butter Dog Treats, bag up in festive packaging, and include a salt dough ornament to distribute for holiday gifts.

That's what we're doing. 

I'm hoping to do a test run this week.

I'll keep you posted and will include a tutorial to make the salt dough ornaments.

Stay tuned...

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