Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It Takes A Lot To Render Me Speechless, But This...

The story I'm about to share has nothing to do with our kids. That's okay. I like to keep Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life well rounded. Yes, we're Dog Moms, and our life revolves around our kids, however, at times, stuff happens, or we do something, and it doesn't involve the kids. Something like that happened earlier this evening.

I have to back up a bit...

A few weeks ago, Lisa and I stopped at a barn sale. It was hosted by a friend or our neighbor friend. This barn sale was incredible. There were lots of treasures. My attention focused on an old sewing box stand. The sign on the stand said, "Old Sewing Box Stand $20."

I knew it was old. Very old.

I also knew the sewing box stand was coming home with us.

After browsing the barn sale, Lisa and I chatted with the hosts of the barn sale. We talked about my 30 year history and love for sewing, the small DIY projects we've been working on, our rescue babies, and our adoration for old, unique stuff.

After a half hour or so, we paid for the sewing box stand and left.

The following day, I cleaned the sewing box stand and did a little research.

I discovered that the sewing box stand we purchased was approximately 100 years old.

It's a beauty.

Currently, it sits beside a small antique desk we have in the living room.

This evening, after dinner, I crawled into bed for a much needed short nap.

Lisa woke me up an hour later.

"There's a surprise for you on the table. You're going to love it. Oh, and there's cake too."

I'll be honest, the only thing that stuck out was the word cake.

I could smell coffee brewing.

Cake and coffee.

I'm game.

I stumbled out of bed, walked into the kitchen, and saw THIS (refer to above photo) on the table.

I instantly knew what it was.

Another antique sewing box stand.

Where did it come from? Who gave this to us?

Lisa had taken the kids outside.

I made a cup of coffee. Sat.

When Lisa was back inside, she told me the story.

The friend of our neighbor friend, who had hosted the barn sale a few weeks ago, was rummaging through his barn o' treasures. He came across THIS antique sewing box stand. He remembered the conversation we had. He gave it to our neighbor friend to give to me.

My mouth dropped to the floor.


I was shocked.

And speechless.

I'm extremely grateful for this gift.

It's gorgeous!

This gem, after a good cleaning, will have a special place in the home office.

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