Monday, September 26, 2016

A Photo That Represents Work-At-Home-Dog-Mom-Pride

I took this photo about a year ago. It's a photo I refuse to delete from my photo folders. You're probably wondering, "What's so great about this photo?" After all, it's just a photo of a crockpot, cookies, and something in a vintage casserole dish. Yes, that's true. It's definitely not a spectacular photo by any means. However, for me, this photo represents total Work-At-Home-Dog-Mom-Pride.

Let me set the stage for you...

It was before noon. I was caught up on work and blog stuff. Most of the housework was complete. I put the ingredients in the crockpot for Lisa's favorite beef stew. After that, I spent over an hour prepping homemade meals for the kids. I did a load of dishes, wiped down the counters, and opened the baking cupboards. I decided to make pumpkin spiced chip cookies and a batch of my apple crisp.

The house smelled amazing.

I had the kitchen window opened. Crisp Fall air blended with the smells of simmering beef stew, cookies, and apple crisp.

The kids were napping soundly.

Lisa was getting out of work at her regular time.

There was a sense of pride in knowing she'd come home to THIS.

Hopefully, that gives enough insight as to why I adore this photo.

Not only does it represent Work-At-Home-Dog-Mom-Pride, it also represents those afternoons when I have my shit together.

Housework is done.

I'm caught up on work stuff, blogging, and social.

Nothing out of the ordinary surfaces.

The kids are napping soundly.

There are no distractions.

It doesn't happen often.

That's not to say I don't have dinner for the kids prepped and dinner for the Mamas made every single day. Or that housework isn't done. Or there's not homemade baked goods for snack.

Sometimes, I'll bake on the overnight hours when Lisa and the kids are asleep.

It all gets done. However, on most days, I'm still scurrying around trying to get it done when Lisa arrives home from work.

I'll be stirring homemade soup with one hand while wiping the counters down with the other hand.

Lisa always jumps in, when needed, minutes after arriving home from work.

She doesn't complain.

However, the Work-At-Home-Dog-Mom pride fades a bit.

I'd like to have more days representing the above photo.

I'm working on that.

There's progress.

I'm getting there...

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