Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Embraced My Great-Grandmother's Philosophy

I took a huge step outside of the box today. It wasn't planned. My plans were to conquer the usual work stuff, blogging, DIY Dog Mom Projects, new homemade dog treat recipes, housework, meal prep for the kids and humans, and catch up on some emails. Lisa was working later than usual. Our dinner menu of homemade chicken soup and pumpkin bread would accommodate her, "I'm not quite sure what time I'll be home."

I was at the kitchen counter prepping the veggies and chicken for the soup. As always, I make too much, however, nothing goes to waste. By the time I added my own stock, a container of farm to table stock that was given to us by a neighbor friend, the veggies, chicken, garlic, and herbs, I realized the big kettle was filled to the top.

Yes, chicken soup freezes well, but it was still too much.

At that moment I remembered something my great-grandmother used to say...

"Make a big kettle of something delicious. Bake some bread. Open your door. Who cares what day of the week it is. Goodness will follow."

That's what I did.

Because, when it's chilly, overcast, and windy, a lil' food for the soul is in order for the peeps I love and adore the most. Homemade garlic, herb chicken soup. Pumpkin Bread. Biscuits.

Eat up. 

Two of our neighbor friends came over and enjoyed dinner with us at our table. Homemade garlic, herb chicken soup, pumpkin bread, biscuits, wine, and coffee.

Another neighbor friend stopped over at work around 7 to get soup and bread to take home with her. She visited for a bit.

It ended up being an incredible evening. Great food. Good conversation. Lots of laughs. A little too much wine.

Scrumptious brownies made by our neighbor friend.

The kids had fun too. They got to see their Aunties and Uncle.

Sure, it was Thursday. A work night. We never have people over during the week.

However, last minute, I decided to embrace my great-grandmother's philosophy.

I'm glad I did.

Time well spent.

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