Friday, September 2, 2016

Housework. Quesadillas. Finishing Up The DIY Doggy Platform Bed.

Lisa went to bed early this evening. She is sleeping soundly with the kids. Her headache, from the Lyme she was diagnosed with yesterday, has eased a bit, but she still has the chronic fatigue and flu like symptoms. I got up a little early this morning, completed mass amounts of housework so Lisa wouldn't have to worry about a thing over the weekend, and prepped dinner for this evening. I had everything done by the time she arrived home from work.

I made homemade grilled steak Quesadillas for dinner. And yes...I cooked the marinated steak on the grill. It was a proud moment for me, but it was hard for Lisa because she normally does ALL of the grilling. She fought me every step of the way, but I told her if she didn't get her ass inside, Lyme would be the least of her worries.

I gave her the look. Puffed out my chest. Grunted. Roarrrrrrrr!

Around 7 p.m., when Lisa and the kids went to bed, I decided to tackle the DIY "doggy" platform bed that I need to finish up.

This project should have been done weeks ago.

I know this. 

My goal is to finish it, or almost, by the end of this 3 day weekend.

I've got the time.

We're hunkered down.

Better late than never, right?

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