Tuesday, July 5, 2016

To Those Who Are Shooting Off Illegal Fireworks, Please Stop.

We spent the entire Fourth of July weekend at home. We'll be doing the same this coming weekend as well. The Fourth of July festivities start before the actual holiday and well after. The noises frighten our kids. I spent most of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening holding Sophie while massaging her back. Lobo ran from one room to the other, barking, until his single hind leg was unable to support his anxiety ridden zoomies. We took turns holding him. Coco was restless. Up. Down. Up. Down. That was the scene for most of the weekend. Tonight too. It'll go on throughout the week and upcoming weekend.

I'm exhausted. I've slept 3 hours in the past 48 hours. 

I'm not a party pooper. I love an incredible display of public fireworks. Years ago, before I was a dog Mom, I attended every public display of fireworks I could. Over the weekend, I enjoyed the videos people posted of the displays in our area and beyond.

What I despise, more than anything about the Fourth of July festivities, are the people who shoot off illegal fireworks in their yard.

It's loud.

It's dangerous.

It's rude.

It's inconsiderate.

It's illegal.

Most of our surrounding neighbors are considerate. They stick to the ones allowed by Connecticut law. They enjoy these crackly and colorful displays at a reasonable hour.

However, there are the select few who don't adhere to any of the above.

Last year we had a huge problem with a neighbor who lives on the next street over.

Lisa stood outside to keep an eye on things. I stayed inside with the kids who were beyond terrified.

Some people set them off in surrounding parking lots.

None of them were legal.

These people take nothing into consideration and that includes the safety and well being of others.

These fireworks are illegal for a reason. Many reasons.

Shooting them off in congested neighborhoods when there's a rain deficit is beyond stupid.

I've already seen local stories about fires caused by these illegal fireworks.

I've read countless stories of pups missing and running into traffic because of fear.

And, it's not just the animals. Humans who are sensitive to loud noises, especially those suffering from PTSD, have a difficult time as well.

People don't realize that shooting off illegal fireworks to impress their guests causes a ripple effect to those surrounding them.

Just stop it.


If you want the large fireworks, loud booms, and a spectacular display of pyrotechnics, attend a public display. Leave it to the professionals who know what they're doing and have emergency crews on hand.

These public displays are planned in advance and people have ample time to plan for the noise.


Just stop.

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