Friday, July 8, 2016

Okay, Who Did It?

One of my pet peeves are blankets and pillows on the floor. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much. I'm one who can drop a Triscuit on the floor and, after picking off a strand or two of fur, can eat it without a second thought.

If there's a cheese spread on the cracker, that's a game changer. Cheese spread is a taxi for dust particles, dirt, additional hair and whatever else is lingering in the carpet fibers. 

I have no problem with anything else on the floor whether it's chew bones, dirty socks that Coco has strategically placed throughout the house, melting ice cubs the kids were interested in 30 seconds ago, kid toys, pet pillows, or the empty soda bottle Lisa forgot to throw in the trash.

Why blankets and pillows? I don't know. I probably never will.

This morning, there were 2 throw blankets on the living room floor and one of my bedroom pillows. After picking them up, I stood there. Hands on my hips. I playfully asked Coco and Lobo, "Okay...who did it?"

This was the look I got.

I knew it was Coco. He pulls blankets and pillows off the sofa all the time. 

I giggled. Gave each of them a kiss.

I love our kids.

I do.

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