Saturday, June 18, 2016

We Paid Under $20 For Supplies To Make DIY Toy Boxes

Late afternoon yesterday, we ventured out for a bit to purchase supplies for our DIY Toy Boxes for the kids. It was long overdue. The decorative basket we've used for the past few years was no longer working out and only held about 75% of their toys. Putting away their toys felt more like a game of Jenga than anything. Coco and Sophie had to dig for their favorite toys. Lobo wasn't able to get much of anything out the basket due to his balance (he's 3-legged) and mobility issues.

I searched online for doggy toy boxes and found quite a few, but the cost of buying 3 ranged anywhere between $75-$300. I didn't want to spend that kind of money for something we could make.

That's exactly what we decided on. DIY baby!

Our budget challenge is to make 3 toy boxes for $30 or less. We compared prices. Was it cheaper to buy the building supplies and make the wooden crates or to buy them already made? After a little research, it leaned towards buying the crates already made.

We headed to Michael's with a couple of coupons in hand. They had the unfinished wood crates in stock. Three of 'em to be exact.

It was meant to be!

We also picked up 3 wood plaques to personalize their toy boxes and paw print stickers. At the register, the employee allowed us to do 2 separate transactions so we could use both coupons. While she was doing this, I mentioned we were making toy boxes for our 3 rescue fur-kids.

Her face lit up.

She asked if we had the 25% off coupon too? I shook my head no. Then she asked if either one of us had a smartphone. Yes, we have two, but they were in the car.

For the next minute she tapped on the register keys, got her phone out, waited a few seconds and then scanned her phone.

"There you go. I gave you mine."

I smiled from ear to ear and must have thanked her a dozen times. Random acts of kindness. We were exceptionally grateful for the additional discount.

The total price for all of the supplies needed to make our DIY toy boxes with tax?

Wait for it...

We paid $19.74!

Keep in mind, we already had the paint and brushes on hand. 

I 'bout near did cartwheels out of the store. However, I know better than that. I'm chunky, I have big boobs. I haven't done a cartwheel in over 30 years.

So, I just waved, thanked the kind employee again, and skipped to our vehicle.

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