Thursday, May 5, 2016

My First Margarita In Almost 5 Years...Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It's Cinco de Mayo. All day, I've sat at my desk salivating at the hundreds of margarita photos. People are celebrating far and wide. Tacos. Margaritas. Festivities. Food. Fun. I'll be the first to admit, I love a good margarita. Aside from my sugar-free "happy punch" and the occasional glass of wine, margaritas are the only other adult beverage I will indulge in. However, I haven't indulged in a margarita since October of 2011. There's a story behind why.

In October of 2011, Lisa and I attended a Sugarland Concert. I had purchased tickets a couple of months prior as a surprise birthday gift. Great tickets. In the Sugar Pit. My mother and brother purchased tickets as well.

The evening of the concert, we all met at a local Mexican restaurant, down the street from the concert venue, for dinner and drinks.

I wasn't interested in dinner, although I did get a bowl of guacamole with some homemade tortillas. I wanted to do a few shots of tequila with my brother. There was a lot to celebrate.

Please note, I never do shots. I don't like the taste of straight booze. 

We did a few shots. Three to be exact. Lime. Salt. Tequila. They went down smooth. Three was plenty.

Yes, that is my brother sitting beside of me. To respect privacy, I had to get a little creative. My talents run deep. 

I needed a beverage to wash down the guacamole and tortilla appetizer I ordered. One wasn't enough. I sipped two of these gorgeous pomegranate cranberry margaritas.

Hydrating before a concert is important.

Fast forward.

The concert started. Being in the sugar pit was awesome. We were so close to the stage. Dancing. Singing. Socializing with the people around us.

We made friends that night.

I had one of my digital cameras on me. I took photos. Lots of them.

Not even a half hour after the concert started, a guy behind me started making rude comments about my arms being up in the air.

Mind you, my arms were extended upward, in front of me. I wasn't hindering the personal space of others. I made sure of that. 

I turned around and looked up.

The operative words are "looked up."

The guy stood about 12 feet tall.

Slight exaggeration, maybe.

I shot back a comment and continued to have fun and take a photo or two when the mood struck.

He made another comment.

This time, I turned around and made it known he was being a (bleep) and needed to shut his (bleep) mouth and mind his own (bleep) business. We were in the sugar pit. If my arms extending forward bothered him so much, he could shift to the left or right. I wasn't blocking his view.

He made another comment.

This time, Lisa took notice. She asked what was happening. I told her.

She immediately went into "defend my girl" mode.

Then, she turned around and looked....up.

Lisa was still in "defend my girl" mode.

I was in, "I'll take care of him" mode.

I was about ready to roll up my proverbial sleeves and ask if he wanted to take the discussion outside.

That's when Lisa gave me "the look."

It was the look that said, "I will defend you no matter what, but just know, this guy is tall and huge and this won't end well for me or you."

So, I exhaled. Ignored him.

Well, sort of.

I kept taking pictures and having fun and dancing.

He continued being annoyed.

Later that night, Lisa asked, "Was this your first night doing tequila shots?"


"No more tequila for you."


"You're not drinking any booze that's going to give you the impression you can take on a guy 2 feet taller than you and who resembles a football player."


She ended it with, "I love you too much to take that chance."

We had a few good laughs over it.

Now. This afternoon. Almost 5 years later, she came home with a single nip of my favorite tequila.

"It's Cinco de Mayo. You've got plenty of limes. Make yourself a killer margarita."

That's what I did.

Limes. Natural sweetener. A little water. Crushed ice. A shot of tequila.

I sat on the bed, with the kids, sipping my beverage while they chewed on their bones. I watched Lisa do dishes. We chatted.

My half-hour of total dog Mom down time.

Total. Bliss.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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