Monday, April 18, 2016

You Live. You Learn. That's Not Always Easy.

Today I was in a mood brought on by a plethora of recent stuff. Nothing major. Small stuff. It added up. Arrogant people. Realizing it had been 6 months since hearing from someone who I had once been close to. A message from a former coworker. Lack of gratitude. Being overlooked. Dealing with several adults who still white knuckle middle school mentality. My "mother" inviting me to play Words With Friends. Being on the verge of burning a few bridges. Waiting for people to reply to emails I sent days ago.

I'm human.

After getting an article written for work to meet a deadline, I got up from my desk, checked on the kids, and walked into the biscuit room. I sat in the middle of the room. Inhaled. Exhaled. I didn't bother turning on the light.

I looked around at the biscuit table lined with trays piled high with biscuits that we're going to donate and offer to our Bodacious Community this week.

The bookshelf filled with supplies.

The wood storage chest piled with baskets that had been donated last year for our Bodacious Raffle Baskets.

The collection of blankets we have for the shelters in need.

The piles of fabric for Bodacious Blanket Love.

The squares we've already cut out and need to be sewed together for blankets.

The gorgeous 3 piece photo hanger, a talented duo made for us as a gift, filled with thank you notes, cards and photos.

Our banner. Our table centerpiece when participating in events.

I took it all in.

I thought back to the very beginning when Bodacious Biscuit Love came to life and the changes we've made over the years because of trials and tribulations. You live you learn.

I thought about the people who used to support us but no longer do because I spoke up about stuff.

I'm good with that. I will always speak my mind.

I thought about the connections we've made, the incredible Animal Control Officers we've gotten to know and all the pups we've had the chance to meet and spend time with.

And, because of those connections, Sophie and Lobo joined our family. That made me smile.

What got to me this afternoon is the messy stuff. The crap. The people who have shrugged me off because this is what I chose to do. The people who only reach out to us and acknowledge our existence when they need a raffle basket or for us to host a fundraiser for them. The people who we used to bend over backwards for who no longer give us the time of day. The people who can't even bother to reach out and let us know if they got our box o' biscuits.

We don't expect a pat on the back, but it's always a relief to know you got our shipment and the pups are enjoying them.

I thought about the groups and local businesses we knew when they were first starting out and now, they're big, well known and doing well. With that, they've forgotten about the people who helped them along the way.

I thought about those who have curled their lips because our family grew. One kid was okay, but three?

I thought about the message I got today, from someone I used to work for and with, asking for my email and phone number because he knows a guy looking for a social freelance person, creative copywriter for a leading consumer brand. When I replied that I was booked and proceeded to initiate conversation, it was met with a cut and dry reply.

I thought about how people easily forget to say please and thank you.

I thought about all of that and than some.

Some of it, I know how to handle.

Some of it, I don't know what to do with.

But, I know where it stems from.

I know why I most always say yes. I know why I get excited at the chance to be a part of something.

That's why I get to this point.

I need to stop that.

I need to focus on the people who have been consistent. The people who value my time and efforts as much as I value theirs. The people who are happy to see me. The people who are grateful for this or that. The people who don't just come around when they need or want something. The people who give me the time of day just because. The people who are grateful. The people who don't just view us as a benefit to their efforts and cause.

You live. You learn. That's not always easy.

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