Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Cleaning, Carrots And Snuggle Time

I was up early this morning. I tackled a few hours of desk work. The kids were up early as they usually are on weekend mornings. Shortly before noon, I was done with desk work. And, by "done" I don't mean finished. I had gotten to the point where I didn't want to be at my desk. Lisa was doing dishes and other miscellaneous things around the house. It was the perfect day to finish up with the spring cleaning.

To back up a bit, I start the process of spring cleaning in February. My schedule doesn't allow for me to tackle it all at once. When I need a break from my desk or writer's block hits, I'll tackle a project. Last week, on the overnight, I needed to walk away from an article I was writing. During that hour I cleaned out the antique desk in the living room and my junk drawer in the kitchen. That's how most of the spring cleaning gets done. Bit by bit.

There wasn't much left to do. I wanted to hang a shelf in the office and relocate a couple of paintings we have hanging in the living room. I also needed to do housework.

That's what we did all afternoon. 

By 4 we were done. It was time for a sugar-free, fruity adult beverage. I prepped a gigantic salad to last a few days, a platter of fresh veggies to snack on and started dinner. The kids woke up from their afternoon nap just in time to enjoy some fresh carrots.

The smell of fresh cut carrots is equivalent to hearing the Land O' Lakes cheese bag. 

After dinner, we fed the kids, enjoyed lots of playtime and ended the evening on the sofa for snuggle time and a few episodes of Criminal Minds.

At some point, between episodes and out of the blue, Lisa asked, "Do you miss going out on Saturday night with friends for a few cocktails?"

"Nope. Do you?"

"No. This is the life."

It really is.

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