Friday, April 1, 2016

Sophie's Peanut Butter Mouth

When Coco was our only child, we didn't have to worry about leaving food on the end tables in our living room. He's a picky eater. I can count on one hand how many times he attempted to swipe food. The few times he did, it was mozzarella sticks and half of a grilled cheese sandwich. And, one time, we caught him with his face deep into a container of chicken tenders. Every time, we laughed. It was so out of character for him.

When Sophie joined our family, we quickly learned that leaving food within her reach wasn't a good idea. The first time it happened, Lisa had left her plate on the end table. There was half of a butter sandwich left on her plate. I'm not sure why we left the plate, but when we returned to the living room, she was on the floor, had the butter sandwich separated and was licking the butter. Since then, she has swiped a bagel with cream cheese and a cookie.

When Lobo first arrived at our home and was getting 'round the clock care after his surgery, I had left a cream cheese and olive sandwich on the end table while I scooted to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Lobo was on the sofa. When I got back, he was on the far end of the sofa with half of my sandwich torn apart. Green olives decorated the entire sofa. He was licking the cream cheese.

We laugh at these moments, especially the most recent. Lisa was in the office sitting on the love seat. She had forgotten something in the kitchen. I was at my desk fully engaged in something. Lisa put her plate of English muffins with peanut butter on the love seat cushion. When she got back, there were tongue marks on the English muffins. Sofa just sat there. Looking up at Lisa.

"It wasn't me, Mommy."

Her little peanut butter mouth gave it away. Oh, sweet Sophie. Lisa sat down, ate her English muffins and, of course, shared with the kids.

I love moments like this.

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