Monday, April 4, 2016

Random Rant: Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

You're probably feeling the wrath right now. People are pissed off at you. It's April. Why are you doling out frigid temperatures and making that white stuff fall from the sky. We got a taste of it over the weekend. Yesterday. It wasn't much.We had to cancel our plans, not because of the white stuff, but the wind. Our kids, more noticeably Sophie, are terrified of the wind.

Today, you're definitely not hiding your love for practical jokes. The white stuff is falling fast and hard from the sky. It's accumulating. They're predicting up to 8 inches. At this rate, I don't they'll be far off. I've heard the snow plows several times already.

Snow plows during the month of April are the equivalent to oil and water.

I'm not going lie, I'm not happy about the weather right now. There's a few inches of the white stuff on my porch. My flip flops have been replaced with socks and clogs. Lisa will have to shovel when she gets home from work. Not much though as I'm confident this white stuff will be completely melted over the next couple of days.

Despite the above mentioned, you have my word that I will not be participating in the whining and insulting banter surrounding the weather today. While it's obvious you're not going to win any favorite person awards today, I'm letting this one slide. Turning the other cheek.


You've given us a fairly decent winter. In fact, in my 42 years of living, this was one of the most mild winters I've ever experienced. I read somewhere that this winter broke a lot of records including record warmth and lack of snowfall.

I don't remember ever being able to open our windows during the winter months or wear knee length skirts, short sleeved shirts and flip flops. Not to mention, in the 4 years we've lived here, this was the cheapest winter in terms of heating. And, the thunderstorms and wind storms. Wow. You really outdid yourself with those. We had more storms this winter than last summer.

These storms did pose a few problems because we had to cancel plans and such because of our kids being terrified. We also lost a little sleep when these storms hit on the overnight. But, we worked around it. 

Today, while most of the New England is giving you the middle finger, please be reassured that some of us are letting this weather fascicle slide.

With that being said, if you could keep in mind that after today, I won't be as forgiving. Aside from this year, there's one other time I remember snow in April. I didn't think it was funny back then either.

In closing, please note that I will not find it amusing if you give us a snowstorm at the end of the month or in May. Please don't do that.

Sincerely, and with love and respect,

A Gracious Work at Home Dog Mom

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