Friday, March 4, 2016

The Art Of Multi-Tasking With One Hand

A good portion of the day and evening hours are spent at my desk pluggin' away at work stuff, writing articles, blogging, editing photos, writing notes, etc. Very seldom is this time uninterrupted. Between meetings and the kids wanting my attention, I often rely on getting stuff done with one hand. This has notably increased since Lobo joined our family over a year ago.

I have somewhat mastered the fine art of typing, prepping dinner, manually writing, a handful of housework and reading with one hand. I've put easing Lob's anxiety and all of the above in the same bucket as multi-tasking.

It's almost to the point of becoming natural to me. 

While his anxiety has improved greatly, like with any rescue pup, there are scattered behaviors and habits that won't fizzle anytime soon...if ever. That's okay. Our family each has traits, fears, behaviors and habits that are permanent.

Coco's preference for eating out of a bowl or from a plate varies from day to day. Sophie is terrified of gusty wind, thunderstorms and loud noises. Lobo still has mild anxiety issues. Lisa doesn't like lightening. I'm still afraid of the dark. 

Each day, we get through it all. Bit by bit. Life. The curve balls. Snuggling with Sophie during thunderstorms. Serving Coco his dinner in a bowl when he's in the mood to eat from a plate. Calming Lobo's nerves when he gets nervous.

I will say, I am currently looking into setting up a retreat for Lobo on my desk and getting my hands on a "baby" sling or crossbody pouch.

Whatever works.

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