Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It Doesn't Sound Like A Lot Of Work, But It Is

A couple of months ago I took on some extra freelance work. At first, it was a struggle. I wondered if I was taking it on because I needed validation. However, after a few weeks of mentally debating, I decided to stick with it. My boss isn't such a bad guy. He's a writer with a warped sense of humor like mine. Nothing I've said or emailed, all laced with F-Bombs, has made him squirm.

"I can't do this. It's not me. I"m not your girl."

"Okay. I can do this."

"Oh. Hell. No. Find someone else."

"You want to try this? Okay. I'm on board."

To date, I'm writing 2 articles a week, for a new category on their site, and I'm assisting with the Collegiate Writer's Program. It's been an interesting journey all the way around. For the most part, I'm enjoying it, but it's proved to be challenging at times. Writing 2 articles a week and helping to manage the CWP may not seem like an extreme amount of work, but it kind of is. I'm still in the process of working it into my schedule so it becomes routine.

That's the challenging part.

Despite a great deal of effort and planning, my schedule very seldom goes as planned. Maybe a day here or there. It's far and few between. To be expected. Prior to taking on extra freelance work, I took this into consideration. Deadlines. Edits. Revisions. Reviewing articles written by college students. Meetings.

There is a lot involved with writing articles and overseeing college students.

I've been tinkering with several options. As it stands, I don't take days off. I set aside time each evening for family time during the week. On the weekends, I'm more lenient. A few hours here and there. However, to take an entire 24 hours off hasn't happened in months.

So far, I've come to the conclusion that I need to make a weekly schedule that consists of things I need to get done on certain days. It's become apparent this is necessary. I won't pin down a time. That's useless. As long as said tasks get done each day, I'll be good.

Scattered between work stuff, two blog posts a day, taking photos, kid stuff, prepping meals, and everything else, of course, is playtime with the kids, family snuggle time, visiting our local animal shelters, movie night with Lisa and the kids, participating in events to benefit our local animal shelters, appointments, housework, etc.


On that note, it's time to crack open a bottle of wine.

Join me?

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