Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Made Some Changes. I Didn't Broadcast It.

This was my lunch today accompanied with a double shot espresso coffee. It's been a little over 3 weeks since I've eaten sugar, flour, bread, pasta and other high carb, processed foods. I didn't broadcast it. This was a personal decision based on how I was feeling physically. The headaches. Bloat. Tummy issues. Chronic fatigue. Unexplained exhaustion that would hit like a wrecking ball at any given time during the day and evening. Etc.

In the past, I've experimented with eliminating this crap from my food intake. The symptoms disappeared after a week. I felt great. The energy level was high. My appetite was minimal. Clothes felt looser. Headaches, bloat and tummy issues went away. The transformation was quite remarkable.

Then, a month or two into it, I gravitated back to my old eating habits. It was easy. I got busy. Putting aside time to prep and make suitable meals and snacks was no longer a priority. I ate too much sugar. Too much bread and pasta. I spiraled out of control. I was feeling it.

In January, I took on a little more freelance work. Adjusting my schedule and such was challenging. On top of my already existing work, Bodacious Biscuit Love, being a work at home dog Mom, new projects, our daily routine, and everything between, it was easier for me to grab a peanut butter sandwich, leftover pasta salad or a few homemade cookies for snack than it was to take the time to prep other options.

I wasn't feeling good. In the afternoon, when the kids wanted to play and at their most active, I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sit on the sofa and doze.

Not good.

Long story short, I decided it was time to make some changes. Permanent changes. I didn't want to be dragged down with headaches and fatigue. I needed my energy back. If I was going to take on extra work and such, that was crucial.

So, I reverted back to low-carb. It's not a diet. In fact, I hate that word. I didn't make a big production of it on Facebook. I just did it.

The first week is always the most difficult. Withdrawals. More headaches. Leg cramps. Excessive peeing. Cravings? Well, those hit sporadically.

Today, I feel incredible. In a short period of time my headaches are gone. Tummy issues have subsided. Clothes are getting baggy.

Most importantly, my energy levels are bursting through the roof. No more fatigue. If I'm tired it's because I need sleep. NOT because I'm crashing from a sugar high.

As a work at home dog Mom, this is important to me. I'm at my desk most of the day, a part of the evening and on the overnight. I have very little time for physical activity although I've been taking time here and there to squeeze some in. That's important too.

What I eat is crucial to my well being. Physical. Mental. Emotional. I want nothing more than to be at my best each and every day. For my wife. For my kids. For me. What I put in my body and the amount of physical activity plays a tremendous role in that.

In the past, due to laziness on my part, I've always gone back to "my old ways." This time, I can't. I'm determined.

Any encouraging words and support would be much welcomed. I'll keep you updated on my progress...

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