Monday, February 22, 2016

That's Just How We Roll

We've never discouraged our kids from letting us know they'd like a taste of whatever we're eating. They're courteous little beggars and will wait patiently. I attribute that to them knowing they'll get a little taste of whatever we're eating. Tiny nibbles. Most of what I cook or bake is both pup and human friendly.

I forget what it's like to eat a meal or snack without the kids at our feet, sitting beside of us or on our laps. They stare. Ears perked right up. They put on their best begging face. 

A few people have flat out told us we should "train our dogs" not to beg. It's a bad habit. We shouldn't let them eat from our utensils and plates or bowls. What if we have company? What will they think?

We shrug those comments off. The very few people we have at our home for drinks and dinner are pet parents too. They don't mind paws on the table. They don't make comments or display that horrid look of shock. Our kind of people.

At one time, I used to hesitate posting photos of our kids eating from our forks or licking a bowl clean. I thought, "What if someone saw that and didn't want to come over for coffee or dinner?" However, I let go of those reigns. My attitude is, "Who cares." If people don't want to eat at our home because of that, fine.

Quite honestly, we're not heartbroken.

I've always been one to enjoy sharing good food with people. Whether it's a table decorated with platters of appetizers or a hearty meal, paired with wine or beer or cocktails, memories are made. We believe in extending that to our kids...minus the "adult beverages."

That's just how we roll.

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