Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy 1 Year Anniversary To Our Lil' Lobo

On this day, a year ago, Lobo arrived at our home mid-morning. The day after his surgery. He was nestled in his doggy bed and covered with a blanket when he arrived. I held the doggy bed as John ran to his vehicle to gather supplies and medications. Lobo looked at me groggily as if to say, "Hello human." It was love at first sight.

The universe did a little shimmy shake. He chose us. All of us. We just knew. Less than two weeks later, he became a permanent part of our family.

To celebrate Lobo's 1 year "gotcha" anniversary, I whipped up a batch of vanilla cupcakes with homemade peanut butter frosting. Lobo loves peanut butter.

All of our kids do.

I made a double batch to share with our neighbor friends and their pups. Lobo wanted to spread a lil' sweet love on his special day.

This is a typical dinner for the kids. Breakfast too. Their meals are made fresh daily. While the starch, veggies and fruits vary, most of the time their protein is baked, skinless chicken breasts. However, Lobo wanted steak, done rare, for his special day.

Coming right up, little man!

When we adopted Lobo, we knew our life would change, but none of that mattered. It was meant to be. It's been an amazing journey. Life is crazy, but we wouldn't change a thing.

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