Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What We're Doing For New Year's Eve

Tomorrow, late afternoon or early evening, a fairly decent amount of humans will be stepping into sparkly dresses, buttoning up dress shirts, bundling up for First Night, and everything between. They'll be adoring glitter infested 'Happy New Year' headbands. A copious amount of booze will be consumed. Platters of appetizers. High-spirited anticipation of the last few minutes of 2015. Televisions will be blaring as the ball drops, or raises, I forget which.
Not. Us.

We'll be home. Dressed in our finest lounge clothes decorated with dog hair. Feasting on homemade Quiznos inspired grinders. Me sipping wine. Cooking steaks for the kids to enjoy over the next couple of days. Cramped on the sofa as all 5 of us snuggle for a movie or two. And cake.

I made a cake. 

Shortly before midnight, when my wine breath has faded and we're both on a heavily-frosted-cake-high, we'll gather the kids and sit. And wait. Together. As a family. For the new year to ring in. That's it.

Well. Almost.

The first minute of 2016 will be spent hugging and kissing. The kids. Each other. Togetherness. Then, a high-five in anticipation of a kick-ass 2016.

Shortly after, the kids will act up because it's hours beyond their bedtime. Lisa will dive into her nightly routine. I'll make a fresh cup of coffee because I have work to do. I'll tuck Lisa and the kids in. Head to our home office. Work.

Happy New Year. 

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