Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ready To Party Because Mom Has A Latte

Yesterday Lisa arrived home from work with a latte in hand. My favorite. All of the kids were in the kitchen....looking up at me as if to say, "What is it, Mommy?" I held the coffee cup out a bit. "Looooooook kids! Mommy has a latte! A latte! A latte! Yayyyyyyy! Mommmmmmmy has caffeine!" My voice was slightly louder than normal. Excited. I did my happy dance.

Yay! A latte! I had been craving one. I needed one.

Coco ran back and forth barking. Sophie kept jumping up on my legs and twirling around. Lobo ran from throw rug to throw rug, barking. All of their tails were wagging. They were excited! They have no idea what a latte is. They have no concept of the importance of caffeine. I'm guessing their awareness that I'm a java junkie is nil. BUT...they were excited.

Ready to party...because I had a latte.

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