Sunday, December 20, 2015

I Almost Fell Face First Into A Grocery Store Freezer

Today we decided to run errands and grocery shop. The Sunday before Christmas. It's something we planned. The next few days we'll be busy delivering holiday biscuit love to local animal shelters, baking for a handful of humans and getting ahead on work stuff. Our next available day to pick up groceries and other odds and ends would be Wednesday. You couldn't pay me enough to step foot in any retail or grocery store the day before Christmas Eve.

Our last stop of the day was grocery store number two. We shop the sales. With a half mile between the two grocery stores, it's not too time consuming.

Lisa was waiting at the meat counter for the butcher to bring out cut-to-size raw marrow bones for the kids. I was on the other end of the store, within view. I spotted turkeys on sale. They were in a very large, cover-free, wheeled freezer chest. I rummaged through the turkeys in hopes to find a small one for the kids to roast for their Christmas dinner. They can't have ham. Our original plan was to grab a roaster chicken.

Our kids love roasted chicken and turkey. It's their absolute favorite.

At the very back end of the freezer chest I spotted a small turkey. I reached. Stood on my tiptoes. Reached a bit more. Stretched. Pushed off my tiptoes. That's when it almost happened. Falling face first into the freezer.

By this time I spotted Lisa walking towards me. She was shaking her head and that "what-are-you-up-to-now" grin plastered on her face.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to reach for a turkey"

"Why do we need a turkey?"

"The kids. Christmas dinner. Instead of a roaster chicken. There's a small turkey right there. The perfect size."

I pointed.

With ease and without much effort, Lisa leaned over the freezer and grabbed the small turkey. She's got about 4 inches on me.

After grabbing the turkey, she lifted it up.


"Yeah. Let's get a turkey instead."

"Sounds like a plan."

We walked towards checkout...laughing as we joked about the scene I would have caused had I actually fallen into the freezer face first.

The things we do for our kids...

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