Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Been Over 3 Years Since I Made The Bed

The term "our" bed no longer applies. It's now "the family bed." It's covered with the kid's blankets, chew bones, toys and...fur. I've lost count how many times my legs have been scratched up by a chewed up Nylabone after stretching out underneath the blankets. That's if I can find a spot to stretch out.

And biscuit crumbs. Lots of biscuit crumbs.

Our comfort level solely depends on where the kids are sleeping. If Coco is sprawled out horizontally in the center, my sleep space is minimal and, often times, my ass is hanging off the edge. Sophie starts off at the end of the bed. Within a few minutes she positions herself so she's mashed up against one of us. Lobo starts off under the blankets. Eventually, he snuggles up to Coco.

Once in a blue moon, there is no one on the bed. I tiptoe in the room. Crawl into bed as quietly as I can. Get comfortable. That's when it happens. Coco and Sophie jump on top of me. Lobo starts yipping on the floor letting me know he wants to get up too.

We don't make the bed. Ever. It's a waste of time. Coco sleeps under the blankets. For him, this is a process. He makes the most incredible blanket forts. I don't know how he does this. I've never witnessed the making of one. One minute he's on top of the blankets and the next time I check on him, there's a pile of blankets in the center of the bed and he's underneath.

Once in a while, if Coco is feeling generous, he'll work a blanket down to the floor for Lobo. We haven't built a ramp yet so he's unable to get on the bed. Teamwork at its best.

Sophie. She loves blankets too. However, she hates the camera.

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