Thursday, April 6, 2023

I Am A Popular Loner


In October, I stumbled upon a post from someone I know on Facebook. It was a meme of sorts. I read it over several times. Because. Well. It hit home. 

As quoted, she said...

"I am a popular loner. I know a lot of people. And, a lot of people know me. But. My circle is small. Very. Very. Small. And, I am usually by myself."

I 'bout near fell out of my chair. 


This completely describes me. 


A lot of people know us. We know a lot of people. However, most of the time, I am by myself as a Work at Home Dog Mom. More so, after Lisa's work schedule changed after a couple of promotions. 

Over the years, our circle has gotten smaller and smaller. 

There is a lot that has contributed to that.

Such as...

Buying a house in 2020. 

Speaking up and out. 

Not putting up with the same bullshit anymore.

Removing the people-pleasing doormats. 

Learning from our mistakes. 

The list goes on. 

I could very easily attribute this epiphany to just that, but I am not going to. Because. It has been so much more. Each and every single day. 

It has been more about self-discovery. This has evolved quite rapidly after buying our house and the COVID-19 Pandemic hitting our state a month and a half after.

Reconnecting with "family" who have been vacant from our life for over 2 decades. 

Sometimes, that isn't so great. 

Dealing with residual shit from all of that and then some. 

Realizing that when you stop inviting people over for dinner and drinks and appetizers, you no longer see anyone. Because, those, "we have to get together soon for dinner and drinks" is a one-way street.

And, getting a punch to the gut when it is your birthday and you get nothing from those who you think are in your circle. 

But more so, when family can't make the time to come and visit. After knowing the situation with your furry kids. Especially those who have had quite a few months off. 

At this point. 

Everything is falling into place.





In the here and now...


You can figure that out. 

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