Sunday, May 23, 2021

It's Too Early For Air Conditioners, But...


When I think back to a year ago, many things flood my brain. The first Spring in the house we bought that February. The COVID-19 pandemic. Our state shutting down. Making mask bands instead of items to sell. Empty grocery store shelves. Killer bees. Riots. The news being something I tried to avoid. I also remember the weather.

It snowed the first week of May.

It was the hottest Summer in weather recorded history for our area. 

Tropical storm Isaias gave us an ass whooping the first week of August leaving most of our state without power. A lot of people didn't have power for almost a week amid yet another heatwave.

Throughout this time, we made meals and picnic lunches for friends and Lisa's coworkers who didn't have power. Some dropped by our house to pick up meals. Lisa delivered some.  We made a feast the weekend after and opened our doors

On top of that, by the end of July, we were under an extreme drought. Our lawns turned brown and the foliage on the trees and bushes dried up. I can count on one hand how many times Lisa mowed the lawns between June and September. 

It was miserable. 

I lost count of how many times we threw up our hands and said, "It's 2020..."

We had to laugh because if we didn't, well, there would have been a lot of tears.

In the here and now...

Lisa installed all of our air conditioners yesterday. 

That included a couple of window units we purchased only hours earlier.


It's been hot and humid. 

Too hot and humid for this time of year.

At one point yesterday, Lisa stood in the middle of the dining room. 

Sweat soaked.

And said, "If this is any indication of what this Summer is going to be like..."

I felt that with every ounce of my being.

We have never installed our air conditioners this early. 


We usually get about a month between not having to use heat and being able to open the windows and using window fans at night to when we have to install air conditioners. 

But, apparently, not this year.

That's fine.

Like last year, we'll get through it. 

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