Thursday, September 17, 2020

You've Got Time To Say Thank You...


One of my favorite authors is Robert Fulghum. He was the inspiration behind how Lisa and I planned our wedding day and the reason why we don't exchange Christmas gifts with each other. In the late '80s, Robert Fulghum wrote a popular book titled, 'All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.' That book came to mind today. 

The book is essentially about how the world would be a better place if adults embraced the same basic rules that were taught in Kindergarten. Examples would be sharing, cleaning up after ourselves, being kind to one another, etc.

At the top of the list is the simple concept of saying please and thank you. 

My parents raised me with a strict hand, especially in the area of manners. If we wanted or needed something, we said please. If we received anything from anyone, we said thank you. 

They were so strict with enforcing manners that when I received birthday or Christmas cards with money in them, I had to sit at the table and handwrite a thank you note, to be mailed the following day, before spending the money. The same held true with gifts I received for my birthday and Christmas. 

Back then, we didn't have text messages or emails.

I'm not complaining that my parents raised me to have manners. I'm glad they did. To this day, I still extend gratitude when we receive gifts or money or people extend kindness our way. 

I am continuously amazed and somewhat irritated by the number of adults who fail to adhere to the basic courtesy of saying please and thank you. 

More so, a simple, "thank you."

If someone gives you a gift, say thank you.

If someone shares their baked goods with you, say thank you.

If someone goes out of their way to help you, say thank you.

If someone makes something for you, say thank you.

The list goes on.

By extending your gratitude, you're letting the person know that...

You appreciate it.

You appreciate that they thought of you.

You appreciate the person's time and effort.

You appreciate the gesture of kindness.

I'm not referring to any specific situation. Quite honestly, I've lost count at the number of times people couldn't take the time to reach out and say thank you.

I'm not one to reach out and ask, "Did you like the cookies I baked for you?" Or, "Did you get the package we sent you?" It's awkward. It's like I'm fishing for a thank you.

I'm not.

It's always nice to hear if someone enjoys something I bake for them or liked the gift we sent for a special occasion.

Yeah, I get it. Life is busy. It's busy for all of us. 

But, remember this...

If someone takes the time to do something nice for you, the least you can do is take a few minutes to reach out and say thank you. 

Back to basics. 

Like the shit you learned in kindergarten. 

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