Sunday, July 26, 2020

We Are Counting Down The Days Until Our Staycation

Lisa is taking a staycation the week of her birthday. For the first time in many years, this staycation is not a result of anything. We are not pet sitting, house sitting, assisting with household projects, painting our entire home, unpacking, etc. We are both quite excited about this. 

Lisa's last vacation was the beginning of March. It was a week and a half after we bought our house. We closed on a Wednesday. Moved on Saturday. Lisa turned in the keys to the apartment we lived in for almost 8 years. She went to work that Monday. I unpacked a lot of stuff that week. 

The following week, Lisa was on vacation. We spent most of the week unpacking and decorating. At our own pace. It was an incredible week, but also a bit exhausting. 

When Lisa returned to work, all hell broke loose with COVID-19 here in Connecticut. Lisa is an essential employee and was working over 12 hours a day. 

Things have simmered down since then, but it catches up. Lisa finally put in a staycation for the second week of August. 

On my end, my Work at Home Dog Mom Life is crazy busy. It always is, but this entire year has been...oh, what is the word? 

Is there even a word?

It's been a roller coaster of events between buying a house and Lisa's promotion to life amid COVID-19 and the empty grocery store shelves earlier this year.

You could say we both need a staycation. 

Obviously, when Lisa is on "vacation" from work, she's home with the kids and me. She gets an entire week free from her place of employment. 

More so, it also means that she gets to be present for moments at home that she usually misses like the kid's snacktimes and mealtimes. Lisa has also told me that she enjoys helping out with things around the house such as housework and meal prep. 

As a Work at Home Dog Mom, what does Lisa's time off from work mean for me?

Lots of things. 

I get a break from doing most everything on the homefront. 

I can spend time in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop or our home office working on blog columns uninterrupted. 

I still cook and bake, but we're not on a schedule so it's more relaxing. 

Like Lisa, I'm looking forward to an actual staycation that doesn't involve house and pet sitting, painting, or other people's schedules and vacations. 

It's much needed. 

We have a couple of big projects we want to tackle, but they're fun projects for our home.

Let the countdown begin! 

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