Thursday, March 12, 2020

There Is A Lot Going On And It Has Caught My Attention

A lot has happened over the past couple of days! I sort of mentioned the 2 words we've been hearing over and over and over again during this time. Those 2 words would be "Corona Virus" and "COVID-19." In my Work at Home Dog Mom Life, I have never witnessed a pandemic that has spread so wide and far and caused such pandemonium. 

But. Here. We. Are.

Social media was plastered with photos of local grocery stores. Empty shelves. The meat department completely wiped out. No toilet paper or paper products to be found. 

As I viewed these photos and read the replies, I became very concerned. 

Very. Very. Concerned.

However, there was a part of me that still had one foot in denial aisle. 

This couldn't be happening here, right?

I made homemade dog treats the other day for our kids. Lots of them. I froze most. While baking, I had to think about basic ingredients that I use to make treats for our kids.

Would those be gone too?

I made cupcakes for dessert and Lisa's work snacks. I make snacks for her lunches several times a week. How long before those ingredients fell into the category of hard-to-find?

I ate an avocado for lunch the other day. Drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with course sea salt. Is fresh produce going to disappear from the grocery stores? 

There is a part of me that wants to walk away from social media for a few days, but I can't because I need to stay on top of this unfolding pandemic for many reasons.

Schools and Universities are closing.

Various events are being cancelled.

There is already talk about further actions being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.

I'm not going to panic.

We're not going to hoard food or other essentials.

We're just going to stay informed from trusted sources.

Day by day...

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