Thursday, March 5, 2020

I Am Grateful That We Crossed That Line Of Seller-Buyer Etiquette

We received a beautiful card from the previous owners of our home on Saturday. Lisa handed me the envelope. Before I go any further, I need to back up a bit...

Immediately after the 2019 Christmas season, Lisa and I applied for a house loan. We got approved. We spent a considerable amount of time looking at houses online. We were interested in a few. Our realtor sent us a listing of a house that she thought we'd be interested in. We checked it out despite the fact that all of the bedrooms were "upstairs."

We did not want an "upstairs" because that would be hard on our kids.

The listing that our realtor sent us had about 20 photos.

The day before we looked at the house, I checked out other realtor sites in hopes to find additional photos.

While doing that, a house showed up on my radar.

It immediately caught my attention.

Our realtor had seen the house a day or two before, but there was a typo with the asking price.

When it came up on my radar, the price had been corrected.

Long story short...

Our realtor scheduled a viewing for the listing she sent us in addition to this house on January 12th.

The listing our realtor sent us was a flop. Bad jujus. Location sucked. Too many issues. It landed in the realtor bucket of, "At least I know what you don't want..."

We moved on to this house.

Our realtor was having a hard time reaching out to the seller's realtor with getting the code to the lockbox. That gave us time to explore the small and large fenced in backyard. Lisa and I were quite impressed.

Even before entering the house, I told Lisa, "This is it. This is the one."

After a tour and conversation, we just knew. The house was everything we wanted and more. We both agreed that if we looked at other houses, our attitude would be, "Yeah. Sure. It's great. But, it's not as great as the house on (bleep) Street."

We made an offer on the way to enjoying breakfast at our favorite spot.

That evening, we got word that the sellers accepted our offer.

When the inspection of the house took place, the sellers were home. They were not supposed to be. Lisa had the opportunity to meet and chat with them.

That was a blessing in disguise.

Fast forward to now...

We got this card from the previous owners with a key to the garage included.

It made us smile. We were touched by their gesture. They could have just sent us the key wrapped in paper in an envelope.

I contemplated sending a response via card-in-the-mail.


I had too much to write. I'm long-winded. I know that because a multitude of people has told me that over the past couple of decades.


I sent a message to the previous owners along with a friend request.

The friend request was accepted accompanied by a response.

To say the very least, I was overjoyed by the reply.

And maybe this goes against every version of seller-buyer home etiquette.

But, I like to blur those lines.

I'm glad I did.

I learned a lot from taking that chance and their reply. I am not going to share my virtual letter to them and their response. That is confidential and it will always be.

What I will share is that they loved this home for over 2 decades and poured their heart and souls into the indoors and outdoors. There is history here. Even well before their time.

We will honor and respect that while adding our own personal touches.

Again, I'm so grateful for that seller-buyer connection.

And the Universe and Fate.

It was meant to be.

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