Monday, September 23, 2019

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Gigantic Dog Bed And A Chew Bone...

We have a gigantic dog bed in the kitchen. All 4 of our kids can lay on it at the same time. It is very close to our kitchen table. In front of the doorway to our bedroom. During the day, at least 1 of our kids are laying on this bed. I'm not a fan of where it's located, but due to the size, it's the only place we can put it. This dog bed has caused me to have a lot of not-so-graceful moments. Including today...

Willa has a habit of burying chew bones and toys underneath the blankets on this bed and on the border of where the kitchen meets our bedroom.

Most of the time, as I scurry around doing housework and checking on the kids, I don't pay attention to where I'm walking.

That was the case today.

I slipped on the dog bed and landed on a chew bone that was sticking up.

Scratched and bruised the inside of my thigh.

All of the kids rushed over to where my ass landed...

On the dog bed.

They looked at me as if to say, "Mommy, why are you sitting on our dog bed?"

I stayed there for a bit.

Coco sprawled out between my legs for a belly rub.

Sophie snuggled up against my foot.

Lobo sat there and barked because he wasn't getting my full attention.

Willa dropped one of her fetch toys within arm's reach.


I love our kids.

I love my Work at Home Dog Mom Life.

Even during moments like this.

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