Friday, July 19, 2019

A Dose Of Total Cuteness Overload

Our sweet Lobo does not have four legs. He has three. Two in the front and a single hind leg. His single hind leg suffered an injury well before being rescued that went untreated. He also has Lyme Disease. Lobo is unable to jump on the sofa or our bed. He is not able to go up or down a set of stairs. He is also unable to go up a ramp. His muscle tone and circulation in his single hind leg is good. But...

Year after year, it gets a bit weaker. 

Over a month ago, we took him for a walk to our neighbor friend's house. They live next door. He walked to their house, but we had to carry him home. 

When Lobo naps or hunkers down for the night, he likes a softy, cushiony spot with thick plush blankets. The sofa, our bed, and all of the dog beds scattered throughout our home are covered with them. 

Lobo likes to take his morning nap on our bed. He'll stand at the edge of the bed and make his little "lift me up, Mommy" noise. 

This morning, he got comfortable on the sherpa blanket that was on top of plush blankets.

He fell asleep on his back and didn't budge when I turned on the light to take this photo.

He. Was. Out.

Lobo slept like that for about an hour before rolling onto his side.

Total. Cuteness. Overload.

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