Thursday, June 6, 2019

Our Kids Let Me Know When It's Time To Turn The Air Conditioner On

Lisa put in the air conditioners a couple of weeks ago when it was in the 90's. We haven't had to use them much. Yesterday it was hot and humid. This morning, the heat and humidity increased rather early. Even with the oscillating fan on high, it got stuffy inside earlier than usual. This was the scene during the late morning hours.

This was Coco and Willa's subtle way of letting me know it was time to turn the air conditioner on in the living room.

Coco laid on his back with his hind legs spread out.

Willa kicked her favorite blankets away.

Meanwhile in the kitchen...

Sophie sprawled out and didn't want to be covered up.

Lobo was stretched out on the kitchen floor which is something he very seldom does.

The temperature inside read 71.

I turned the air conditioner on.

Happy babies.

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