Saturday, June 8, 2019

Grab A Bowl. A Spoon. A Couple Of Cookie Sheets. And, Start Baking.

Last week, I received a message from an acquaintance of ours. She had been purchasing homemade dog treats at a bakery for many years. Unfortunately, the bakery shut down and panic set in. She had no idea where she was going to get homemade treats for her 3 furry kids. Would we be willing to make them? Did we know of any bakeries around that sold homemade dog treats?

No, we no longer bake and offer homemade dog treats to the public.

No, I don't know of any bakeries that offer homemade dog treats. 

Well, I actually know of one that's local, but I would not recommend them. I have my reasons. 

I'm sure there are others around, but I'm not going to recommend a business that I've never dealt with or tried their products.

When I replied back, I sent her the link to our homemade dog treat recipe page

I still have some recipes that need to be added to that page...

Her response was quick.

"I'm not looking for recipes. They take too much time to make and I don't have all the fancy gadgets."

Insert. Eye. Roll.

I know that I've written several blog columns about why dog parents should be making their own treats. I don't want to sound like a broken record. 

Here was my reply...

Making homemade dog treats does not require a lot of time or the use of fancy gadgets. 

They take no longer to bake than a batch of cookies.

Most of our homemade recipes include ingredients that you probably already have on hand. 

If you don't have cookie cutters, fine. Roll the dough into tiny balls, press down in your hand, and bake. 

All of our recipes freeze very well so you can make lots of treats, bag them up, and freeze for the days and weeks ahead.

You get to control the ingredients which means you know what's in the treats you're feeding to your furry kids.

It's a lot cheaper to make homemade dog treats than it is to buy them from a store or specialty bakery. 

You won't have to spiral into panic mode if and when your dog biscuit bakery relocates or goes out of business.


Grab a bowl, a spoon, and a couple of cookie sheets. 

Start baking.

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