Saturday, March 2, 2019

Happy 2 Year Gotcha Day, Willa!

Today we are celebrating Willa's 2 Year Gotcha Day. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. What a very interesting 2 years it has been for so many reasons. But, we have embraced it all. Our sweet Willa has kept us on our toes. 

When Willa joined our family 2 years ago, it was not planned. That was the case with all of our kids. It just happened. The Universe did a shimmy shake. I remember the conversations Lisa and I had that day. The photo Lisa sent. The calls I made. The email I sent to our dear friend who owns this house. And, the email she sent back saying, "You bring her home or I will...."

Miss Kimbra won our hearts over again that day...

Willa was not updated on shots when we adopted her. She was also bleeding because she hadn't been spayed. We took her to the doctors for vaccinations and a checkup. After she was out of heat, we went forth with having her spayed. Willa was not happy. She had to be confined to the home office to limit her activity. 

In the months to follow, Willa expressed herself without hesitation. She didn't approve of the blankets on the loveseat in the home office so she made her own doggy bed. 

She was damn proud of her self-made doggy bed.

At times, she got a little over zealous with creating her own approved loveseat doggy bed. On this occasion, when Lisa and I entered the home office, she ran to her crate. She gave us the look of, "I'm proud of my work, Mommies, but not sure how you'll respond." 

Lisa and I laughed. I had a hard time taking this photo because I was laughing so hard. 

Over the past 2 years, she has settled in. Fit into our family instantly. Won the hearts of her siblings and us. Has kept everyday interesting. Has kept us on our toes. Willa is a gem. As with all of our kids, we love her to the moon and back and beyond.

I made Willa's favorite. My peanut butter cupcakes with fresh made peanut butter frosting. And, sassy sparkling sprinkles. Willa requested that I make lots of extras to share with her neighbor Aunties, Uncles, and cousins. I did. Lisa delivered earlier today. 

For her 2 Year Gotcha Day Gift, Willa wanted me to crochet her a winter hat. So, I did. 

On my many attempts to get a photo of Willa wearing her winter hat, I finally got a single photo. She wouldn't sit still. The top flopped over. I was laughing. I held a treat up in my last attempt to get a photo. This is the photo I captured. It reflects her personality. 

Happy 2 Year Gotcha Day, Willa! We are so proud to be your Mommies! 

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