Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Comment. A Response. Enough Said.

I posted this photo on my personal Facebook wall yesterday. As of late, I've been trying to post more "food porn" photos after a lengthy hiatus. Less than 24 hours after posting this photo, someone made a comment that rubbed us both the wrong way...

"Do you serve some health conscious dinners too? It's never too early to think about your health/longevity."

I was a bit hurt and pissed when I read the comment. Why would someone say that? It was completely inappropriate.

I showed Lisa the comment. I could tell it bothered her. A. Lot. Not too long after, Lisa posted a reply.

"My wife makes all of our meals from scratch. Can't get any healthier than that. I don't appreciate your comment."

Another sweet lady responded too. Defending Lisa's response. I was very grateful for both.


I responded.

"The meals and snacks that I make for my wife and myself are all homemade...right down to the salad dressings (yes, we eat a lot of salads) and bread products like tortillas, pizza crust, and bagels. I even make homemade jam, spaghetti sauce, pie crust, etc. We rely very little on premade and store bought.

I also extend that to our 4 furry kids. I make all of their meals and treats here at home with lean meats, fresh produce, healthy starches, and grains.

I consider that VERY health conscious considering the fact that A LOT of people are relying more and more on takeout and fast food. With it being the digital age, there's a world of those options at your fingertips.

Since converting to this eating lifestyle, a lot of minor health issues that Lisa and I had are gone. Our doctor even made a comment about the positive changes she's noticed with bloodwork results.

The pizza in the's healthy because I made it. Homemade crust. Homemade sauce. Lean ham sautéed with real maple syrup. Herbs. Fruit. Cheese. It's better and healthier than any takeout, frozen, or store bought pizza. And, it paired well with the veggie tray I made along with my homemade dill dip." 

Enough said. 


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