Sunday, January 6, 2019

This Is What Happens When We Try To Leave Our Home For A Few Hours...Together.

It's not often that Lisa and I sneak out for a few hours away from home. Together. But, when we do, the kids seem to know hours in advance. It doesn't matter how discreet I am about putting on a bra, a skirt, a pair of earrings, slathering on a bit of lip gloss or freshening up my nail polish. They know the difference between my date-night tinted lip gloss and my stay-at-home tube of Carmex.

The Friday after Christmas, Lisa surprised me with an impromptu date night. Soup and Sandwich and a cookie at Panera, my favorite. And, a lil' shopping spree at Bath & Body Works. We had a couple of Bath & Body Works coupons and their annual 75% off sale was happening.

We're simple Dog Moms. 

The kid's afternoon routine was not interrupted. They got their vitamins. Lots of snacks. Playtime. Naptime.


They. Just. Knew. 

Coco was restless.

Sophie kept giving me THE LOOK.

Lobo barked at birds farting.

Willa dragged the blankets off most of our DIY Dog beds.

I polished my nails during the late afternoon hours.

Of course, seconds later, Willa and Lobo were at the door wanting to go outside.

When Lisa called me on the way home from work, the kids knew Lisa and I were talking about our date night.

Willa tried to trip me several times hoping that if I fell, I would be injured. Not enough for a trip to the ER, but just enough to twinge a muscle or two so I'd have to stay home doped up on Ibuprofen and ice packs.

Once Lisa arrived home from work, the kids were dishing out the guilt in full force.

Lisa took all of the kids outside while I got ready.

They got extra snacks.

Extra playtime.

Extra love and snuggles.


All four kids were in the bathroom while I got ready.

Coco tried to pull Lisa's sock off when she changed shoes.

Sophie kept giving me THE LOOK.

Lobo peed on the pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom.

Willa pooped by the door even though she had just been taken out.

And, they barked at the door as we left.

We were gone for about 3 hours.

Once home, they all barked at us.

I got on the floor while Lisa emptied our bags.

Coco barked.

Sophie got on my lap and gave Lisa THE LOOK.

Lobo barked and sniffed all the bags on the floor.

Willa dropped her fetch ball by my hand and wanted me to play an extra 56 games of fetch.


This is one of the many reasons why Lisa and I don't get to escape our home often at the same time. It's a process that's heavily laden with guilt.

It's all good.

We have no complaints.

And we certainly wouldn't change a thing.

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