Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yeah, Sadly, Times Have Changed...

When I first entered the world o management, back when I was 22, I received 2 bits of advice that I still white knuckle in the here and now. Over 20 years later. The first, "It's all in how you present something" and "Never ask someone to do something that you wouldn't do yourself."Both bits of advice was handed down to me from Lisa. Yeah, we've known each other for that long.

When Lisa gave me both pieces of sound advice, she was the manager of a convenience store in Laconia. At the time, this convenience store had 2 chains in Laconia. I worked at one. She worked at the other.

Eventually, I transferred to her store as a manager in training. Less than a year into training, I took over the management position for the same chain. In Haverhill, Massachusetts. The commute sucked. Over an hour away one way. But, I was a manager.

Since then, I've done my best to embrace Lisa's advice and extended that wisdom to other areas of my life including the career paths I've gone down and academic and independent living tutoring.

The operative words are done my best. What happened over the past week is a prime example of that.  I'm human. I sometimes respond in the heat of the moment or when I'm not emotionally and mentally sound.

Those moments amplify that I am human. At times, life gets a little too loud. Those reasons vary and extend. But, at the end of the day, if I need to, I own my wrongdoings. I apologize for the things I need to apologize for.  Although there is no excuse, I let the recipient know why I was harsh or unprofessional. It's not easy. It's often uncomfortable. But, I do it.

In the present day, what I have the most difficult time with are those who don't admit fault. Who do not take ownership. Who waste our time. Who make excuses. Who lie. Who doesn't go out there to either make a difference or earn an honest living. Who blame all of their hardships on everyone else. Who sit on their asses all day doing nothing. Who manipulate. Who play games.

When you ask these same people a simple question or to do something menial, they'll slam the door in your face. Yell and swear at you. Not acknowledge your existence. Have an attitude. Give you a look. Will look at you while you're saying something but only reply with a hasty look or eye roll.


Yeah, times have changed.


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