Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Work At Home Dog Mom Win

It's The Grand Finale! The last of the upstairs renovations are happening this week. Flooring. For me, flooring lands in the top 3 of noisiest renovations. Yesterday was obnoxiously loud. I sat at my desk and wondered if the carpet they were ripping up had been superglued to the floor. The walls shook. One of the items on our wall fell. By 11 a.m. I was throwing back a few Ibuprofen.

I didn't stay at my desk for too long. Our kids were terrified. Coco paced from room to room to room. Between pacing, he was glued to my feet. Sophie hid behind the sofa. Lobo barked incessantly to the point of almost vomiting. Willa hid under the decorative chair in the home office. I spent most of the day on the floor with our kids. On a few occasions, I sat on the sofa with them and attempted to get some blog columns written while the kids snuggled beside of me.

Today, the noise wasn't as loud, but the kids responded the same. During the late morning hours, I decided to turn on some music and work from the kitchen table.

It was magic.

Coco and Sophie settled down on our bed with their favorite blankets. Lobo curled up on the kitchen doggy bed and fell asleep. Willa stretched out on the sofa on top of the throw blankets.

On occasion, they barked and ran to the door, but for the most part, they were content with the music drowning out the renovation noises.


Their Mommy sitting at the table working.


I'm going to keep this in mind when they finish up the flooring on Thursday.

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