Saturday, March 10, 2018

Our Saturday Morning Shenanigans

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, or during the week when Lisa takes vacation days, we have a Coffee Chat Time tradition. Lisa sits on the rocking chair. I sit on the sofa. We sip our morning coffee together. Talk. Most of the time, the only kids who join us are Lobo and Willa. Lobo likes to sit on Lisa's lap. I play fetch with Willa from the sofa. A half hour or so later, Coco and Sophie join us.

Occasionally, all of the kids get up at the same time. That's what happened this morning. One by one, the kids jumped on my lap, with the exception of Lobo. Lobo sat on the floor by the edge of the sofa and made his, "Mommy, pick me up" noise.

Lisa was still in the rocking chair. Sipping her coffee.

She found the entire scene amusing.

I couldn't reach my cup of coffee.

Lisa sipped her coffee loud.

Really. Really. Loud.

"This hot coffee is delicious. How's your coffee?"

This went on for a few minutes.

Then, Lisa got up. Snapped a photo with her phone. Went into the kitchen. Grabbed a container of Greek yogurt. Walked back into the living room.

She sat in the rocking chair.

Stirred the container of yogurt.

In less than 2 seconds, all of the kids jumped off me. Ran to Lisa. Sat at her feet.

Our kids love Greek yogurt. 

I was finally able to enjoy my coffee.

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