Friday, March 9, 2018

Beautiful Gifts From The Owner Of Unbridled Bead Designs

A few days ago, we received a small surprise package in the mail. I read the card before opening the tiny bundles. I was in tears. Each bundle, wrapped in beautiful teal tissue paper, contained a gorgeous pair of handcrafted doggy themed earrings. We were beyond impressed. And surprised. I was rendered a bit speechless.

To back up a bit, last year, we sent a couple of Bodacious Love Care Packages to a sweet lady and her pup. We've since become Facebook friends. On a couple of occasions, we came very close to meeting in person. We had invited Renee to a couple of parties we hosted at our home. Unfortunately, due to the long commute between us, she wasn't able to make it.

We are determined to meet at some point this year.

Just recently, Renee started up her business after a brief hiatus. She makes gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. It was love at first sight.

The 4 pairs of earrings she sent are stunning. Each pair includes silver dog bone or paw print charms. One pair has both.

This is one of those occasions when I feel saying thank you isn't enough. We are truly grateful for her beautiful gifts. I'll wear these often and with pride.

If you'd like to browse some of Renee's fabulous handcrafted jewelry, you can visit her Unbridled Bead Designs Facebook page.

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