Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Our 4th Nor'Easter This Month. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Yep. It's happening again. Another Nor'Easter. Heavy wet snow. High winds. Power outages expected. It's the 4th Nor'Easter to hit our area since March 2nd. This storm, like the last, wasn't supposed to hit us. At most, we were only going to get a few flurries. But, the storm shifted. Moved further north. As of now, they're predicting 8-14+ inches. Every ounce of my being wanted to throw my hands up and white knuckle the "screw it" attitude. But, I can't. We have 4 kids who rely on us for homemade meals and treats. And, it's important to me that our family is all set just in case we lose power for a day or two.

I spent the day baking homemade dog treats, roasting vegetables, cooking boneless chicken breasts, rice, sweet potatoes, and baking homemade cinnamon coffee cake and bread. I also cooked a gorgeous honey glazed spiral ham for dinner and to make sandwiches with if we do lose power. I did the housework.

Lisa did a couple loads of laundry when she got home from work. Put a few bottles of water in the freezer. Filled our recycle tote with water for pail flushing. Made sure we had some water in the fridge for the kids.

Then, at the last minute, we invited our favorite humans over for a scrumptious homecooked dinner. We love sharing meals with them. 

Once again, I had to postpone posting photos of some DIY Dog Mom Projects to sell online. If we lost power and/or internet, it would be difficult to keep up with who grabs what.


Ironically, shortly after noon, the Spring Equinox took place at 12:15 p.m. today. This was at the peak of my preparations for the 4th Nor'Easter this month.

As with any major storm, things can change at the last minute. The Nor'Easter we had last week dumped 20 inches of snow. That was far above what they had predicted. Maybe this time around, it'll be much less.

There is so much potential for uncertainty when it comes to the weather.

However, that uncertainty doesn't seep into our home.

We are prepared.

If we get hit hard and lose power, we'll be prepared for a few days.

If the storm shifts and we get very little snow and wind, we'll exhale. I'll do the usual un-prepping that includes freezing bread loaves, taking bottles of frozen water out of the freezer, watering our many plants with the water in our recycle tote and putting the flashlights and candles away.

That's how we roll.

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