Sunday, February 18, 2018

Willa Told Us What She Wants For Her Upcoming One Year Gotcha Day Celebration

During our coffee chat this morning, the topic of Willa's Gotcha Day came up. It's on March 2nd. It will be her first Gotcha Day celebration. Lisa and I both commented on how quickly the past year has flown by. How is it possible that it's been almost a year since she joined our family? It went by too quick.

The day we adopted her, she was in full heat, not up to date on shots, and she'd shake and cower if Lisa and I approached her. What tugged at our heartstrings the most was her reaction when we opened her crate door.

On occasion, when Lisa and I ventured out, we'd crate her. Once home, we'd let her out. Willa would shake and lean up against the furthest end of the crate. Lisa and I would have to lure her out with a treat. Sometimes, when that didn't work, we'd have to leave the room. After a few minutes, she'd make her entrance in whatever room we were all in.

Over time, little by little, Willa relinquished those behaviors. She no longer cowers or shakes when we approach her. When one of us opens her crate door, she runs out. Willa has completely come out of her shell.

Now, she's happy, healthy, and loving life. She absolutely adores her siblings. Every day is an adventure for her. She's mischevious, loves to snuggle, thoroughly enjoys playing fetch at least 218 times a day, and has become quite photogenic.

Lisa and I are both excited to celebrate her first Gotcha Day with us. Earlier in the week, I explained to Willa what a Gotcha Day entails. First and foremost, it's a day to celebrate the anniversary of when she joined our family. That's a big deal in our Bodacious Dog Mom household.

On that day, Willa can pick a special dinner and dessert of her choice that'll be shared with her siblings.

Best of all, she can give us some ideas of what she wants for a Gotcha Day gift. Willa was quick to let us know what she wanted.

A personalized DIY Doggy Toy Box. 

Back in June of 2016, Lisa and I made personalized DIY Doggy Toy Boxes for Coco, Sophie, and Lobo. You can read about that here.

Prior to making each of our kids a personalized Doggy Toy Box, we used a rather large wicker basket as a makeshift toy box. When it was just Coco, it worked. It continued to work after Sophie joined our family. However, after adopting Lobo, we realized over time the wicker basket was no longer suitable as a doggy toy box. Not only did the number of dog toys exceed the size of the basket, Lobo wasn't able to retrieve his favorite toys because of his physical limitations.

So, we made personalized DIY Doggy Toy Boxes. Problem solved. 

When we adopted Willa last March, she instantly started using all 3 toy boxes. Each day, before vacuuming the carpets, I put the kid's toys in their toy boxes. They have a lot of toys. All of the toys are divided into the 3 toy boxes.

Within a half hour after vacuuming the carpets, all of the kids, especially Willa, decorate the carpets with at least a dozen toys.

Since the beginning of this year, I've taken notice of things I want to get done around our home. That includes a few DIY Dog Mom Projects. One of those projects is to make Willa her own personalized DIY Doggy Toy Box.

Willa and I are on the same page because that's what she wants as her Gotcha Day gift. Earlier today, Lisa picked up the supplies.

It's going to happen. Willa will have her very own personalized toy box for her Gotcha Day.

Now, we're just waiting for Willa to let us know what she wants for dinner and dessert that evening.

We. Shall. See.

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