Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Photos I Take Of The Kids Represents Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life

This photo speaks volumes about what my daily life is like as a Work at Home Dog Mom. For many months, I've been trying to get a decent photo of our kids together. That very seldom happens. On the rare occasion when it does happen, it's never at the right moment. A few times, I've gotten a photo of all 4 kids on our bed. However, our bed is never made. We used to make it, but within 15 minutes, all the blankets are at the end of the bed because Coco likes to create his blanket burrows. Although all 4 kids are on the bed, it's never picturesque.

The same thing happens when all 4 kids decide to be on the sofa at the same time. It's always before I straighten out the sofa cover (aka...a reversible, quilted queen-sized comforter from Kohl's) and neatly fold the assortment of throw blankets.

At one point, this has frustrated me to no end. Every single day, I see fur-kid photos that are beyond picturesque. Everything is so...well, perfect. I've seen photos taken by pet parents of their 5 furry kids wearing costumes, sitting still, and the background is just right. This is when I mutter, "Okay, Lisa. You have enough experience with photography. Why aren't you taking photos identical to those pet parents? What's wrong with you?"

I'm my own worse enemy. I know this. 

Then recently, I got a short message from a wonderful woman who reads my blog columns several times a week.

"I know I've said this many times before, but I wanted to say it again. I love and adore the photos you share of your kids. They're real. Honest. Raw. In the moment. It's refreshing."

I needed that.

While I would love for our kids to pose eloquently for photos, it's probably not going to happen all at once.

Or probably ever.

Each of our kids has their own unique personality. Some days, they don't mind posing for photos. Other days, I get THE LOOK.

When our kids are all together, more than likely, the background is going to be a mix of an unmade bed or the sofa cover and throw blankets in complete disarray.

But, you know what? That's okay.

This is our life.

Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

It's right up there with the parents of human kids who want to get that near perfect photo, but it never quite happens.

How many photos have human parents taken with their kid on Santa's lap and the kid is crying because they're deathly afraid of Santa?

Or maybe, when trying to photograph all of the human kids, one has their eyes closed or is crying or shitting in their diaper?

One thing I've learned over the years is that it's those imperfect moments that make memories. Sure, the "perfect" photo is great, but it's the Wabi Sabi photos that leave a lasting impression.

The Wabi Sabi photos depict our reality. 

As 2018 approaches, I have made a vow to spend more time behind the lens. This is something I failed to do much of this year. Sure, in the months ahead, I will probably get the occasional picturesque photo. However, I'm going to continue embracing the photos that represent our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

That's our reality. That's our life. We wouldn't change a thing.

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