Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Fine Art Of Parting With My DIY Dog Mom Projects

The weekend before, the weekend after and the actual 4th of July, we stay put. Our kids are terrified of the booms and crackles and pops...especially Sophie. I can't remember the last time we saw a public display of fireworks. We're okay with that. We've seen enough firework displays in our lifetime. When people ask if we get bored or do we feel as if we're missing out, the answer is always, "Nope."

There's plenty to do around here to keep us occupied. Over the weekend I grabbed a small pile of wood and began the process of transforming the pile into 5 DIY Dog Mom Projects. Between that and enjoying dinner and a backyard fire with some neighbor friends, we had an incredible weekend.

I managed to finish 2 of the pieces today. As always, when it comes time to take photos of the finished pieces to advertise and sell, my heartstrings vibrate a little bit. Prior to posting the photos and selling, I think, "Oh, this would great here. Or there. Or here."

Often times, I express how difficult it is to part with pieces I've finished whether it's wall decor or a Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilt.

Lisa listens to my mini rants.

"This piece would be perfect in the living room or back hallway."

"This patchwork doggy quilt would look incredible over the back of the home office love seat."

She listens until I'm done.




Midway through her sentence, I've already made my way to the home office to upload the photos and advertise.

She's right.

I need to learn the fine art of parting peacefully with my DIY Dog Mom Project creations.

I'm getting there.

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