Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This Story About 84 Great Danes Rescued Has Left Me Speechless...

A couple of days ago, the story about 84 Great Danes rescued from a "suspected" puppy mill in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire caught my attention. I've seen many photos, read several stories, and saw a short video posted about this. To say the very least, I'm disgusted. There are no words to describe how I feel. I'm from New Hampshire. I'm fairly certain I know where this mansion style house is.

I've done my research. This woman advertised as "De La Sang Monde Great Danes." They had a Facebook Page and website. The photos displayed on both the Facebook page and their website were worlds away from what was really happening.

At this point, I've got nothing.

Very few things render me speechless, but this story has.

Stories like this shatter my heart.

It's afternoons like this where I crawl into a tiny space available where our kids are napping. Today, it was on our bed. And, I snuggle them. They sense my sadness. They lick my tears. They probably have no idea why I'm crying.

All of our kids were rescued from nightmares.

I'm grateful these 84 Great Danes were rescued and most will have a chance at a great life.

But, for now, I'm still speechless.

This woman was busted, but there are so many people like her that are not caught.


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