Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Moment Worth Stopping For...

Earlier today, I had one of those moments. I was sitting at the table working on a few DIY Dog Mom Projects for our upcoming event. Although I check on our kids frequently throughout the day, when it gets too quiet, those periodic checks increase. I had just put the finishing touches on a leash holder. It was too quiet. I got up. Peeked into the bedroom. THIS was the scene. All 4 kids were in bed. Sleeping.

Lobo was under one of the blankets so he's not visible in the photo.

I just stood there. Willa opened her eyes. She's finally in the stage of decompression where she doesn't feel the need to get up and follow me when I get up. She'll just open her eyes while staying put.

Willa has blended into our family incredibly well. Coco, Sophie, and Lobo have accepted her as part of the family. She's especially bonded with Lobo. She is also adapting to our routine.

After standing in the doorway for a bit, and snapping a photo, I continued on with my day.

As a Dog Mom, THIS scene made me happy for so many reasons.

To most, it's probably not a big deal.

There's no red carpet.

Confetti didn't drop from the ceiling.

But, for us, it's a big deal.

A moment worth stopping for.

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