Friday, April 14, 2017

You Wait For That Moment. And, It Finally Happens.

Over the years, as our family has gotten bigger, with each addition, there's always been an adjustment period. It typically lasts between a month or two. Willa joined our family a month and a half ago. It hasn't been easy for a few reasons, but I knew, at some point, that pivotal moment would surface. The one that made my face soggy with tears.

Willa has an incredible relationship with all of her siblings, however, she has formed a tight bond with Lobo. They're almost inseparable. This includes sharing a chair at the table while Lisa and I eat dinner.

Today, I sat at my desk and watched all of our kids play. Coco and Sophie tired out. Lobo and Willa continued their shenanigans. Then, THIS happened. Coco and Sophie fell asleep on the sofa snuggled in their favorite blankets. Lobo and Willa curled up on the DIY Platform doggy bed for their afternoon nap.

I'm still sitting at my desk taking this all in. I don't dare move. Sure, I've got cookies to bake, a raffle basket to put together, a patchwork doggy quilt to sew, dinner to prep, housework to do...but, as a Dog Mom, I've learned to embrace these milestones regardless of what's on my to-do list.

These moments.

It happened.


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