Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Weekends Around Here Are Crazy

Our weekend schedule is completely different than the one we adhere to Monday through Friday. Lisa sleeps in a bit. The kids eat breakfast a little later than usual. Lisa is home so the kids are rambunctious and want to play. There's more noise that surrounds us so they bark and bark and bark.
During the week, the kids stay in bed for a while after I get up. The kids in the neighborhood are in school. People are at work. It's quiet. I enjoy my morning coffee in peace while I check emails and tend to other online stuff.

Not. On. The. Weekends.

It's not until late morning when they finally tire out and settle down for a long nap. I take advantage of this time. I usually stop what I'm doing and bolt to the home office so I can get some work done.

This afternoon I wanted to squeeze in a photo session outside with the kids. They wouldn't budge. Lobo was the only one who moved his head to acknowledge my existence.

Lazy babies.

Lisa darted out to run a quick errand mid-afternoon. The babies were still sound asleep. Coco stayed on our bed. Lobo moved to the doggy platform bed in the living room. Sophie was stretched out on the love seat in the home office.

I decided to relocate and do a little work from the sofa. Less than 2 minutes later, all of the kids were on the sofa with me. Sophie claimed her usual spot. Lobo stretched out across my feet. Coco lounged on the armrest with his chew bone.

Yes, my legs cramp, but I don't dare move. 

I love our weekends. Sure, the kids are wound up and, at times, obnoxious. They're "off schedule." My schedule is ripped to shreds.

But, I wouldn't change a thing.

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